Handcrafted. Housemade.HISTORY MADE

At Stony Run Brew House, we are committed to
honoring history with our handcrafted beer, while
breaking new ground & making history of our own.


Along with the handcrafted brews we make at Stony Run Brew House, we also serve a selection of some of the area’s best local brews on our rotating taps. We are proud to be a part of Central PA’s craft beer community, and we are committed to supporting other local businesses.

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REGULAR – 32oz ($10) • 64oz ($18)
IMPERIAL – 32oz ($12) • 64oz ($20)

(some beer styles priced individually)



Shoe House Saison (Summer Lemongrass)
Named for the famed local Haines Shoe House, this Saison is aromatic with hints of lemongrass, spicy yeast esters and a floral/earthy finish.

ABV: 6.1% | IBU: 22.5 | SRM: 5.4

Talus Forty Volume Blonde Ale
We support local business, and Talus, a Therapeutic Salon in York, gave us the inspiration for this easy drinking ale. Well-balanced, clean and refreshing. SOUR LOVERS: Try our fresh strawberry/raspberry shrub infusion

ABV: 4.9% | IBU: 23.7 | SRM: 5.1

Three Mile Run Kolsch Style Ale
Three Mile Run is a waterway crossing under East Market Street in Springettsbury Township, named because the distance from its origin in East York to the square in York is three miles. Clean and crisp with subtle citrus fruit and hop character leads to a refreshing finish.

ABV: 5.0% | IBU: 21.6 | SRM: 5.0

Helen’s Happy Crème Brulee Imperial Stout
Our friend Helen from Talus Salon made a special request for us to brew this intensely flavored, big dark ale with roasty malt flavor along with coffee, chocolate and a smooth vanilla finish. Helen is happy with it and we hope you are too!

ABV: 9.2% | IBU: 50.8 | SRM: 39.8

Rocky Ridge Amber Ale
Rocky Ridge Park was the location for the head waters of Stony Run, the historic waterway that inspired our name. This moderately strong amber ale has a malty caramel flavor that will pair well with several of our chef's creations.

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 22.9 | SRM: 14.1

Gravensteen Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Inspired by the majestic Gravensteen Castle in Ghent, Belgium, this brew is dark, complex and smooth, with banana and clove notes. A delicious blend of malty richness, finished with spicy elements.

ABV: 7.9% | IBU: 25.6 | SRM: 17.2

Camp Security Red Coat IPA
Camp Security, an American Revolutionary War Prison Camp built in 1781 is the namesake of our intentionally British flavored Red IPA. Rich malty backbone gives way to hoppy bitterness and aroma. Caramel, toffee and dark fruit notes add to the complexity.

ABV: 6.8% | IBU: 73.6 | SRM: 15.5

Bailee’s Bourbon Barrel Belgian Quad
A loyal companion is what Bailee, the namesake for Bailee’s Homebrew, has been for many years. So naming this big bold brew after her was fitting. You’ll be amazed at how smooth this high gravity, boozy creation will hit your palate. Now sit, stay and enjoy. It will have you rolling over and begging for more.

ABV: 12.1% | IBU: 32.8 | SRM: 23.7

Emily's Dream Mango Milkshake IPA
Dreams really do come true! That’s what Emily said when she tasted Emily’s Dream Mango Milkshake IPA. Emily is our lead brewer’s daughter and the inspiration behind this tropical fruity bomb of flavors ignited with mango puree, Mosaic, Galaxy and Mandarina Bavaria hops. We hope you find it just as dreamy…

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 21.0 | SRM: 3.6

Black Cherry Berliner Weiss
This light and refreshing sour beer was so renowned that it was coined by Napolean as the Champagner des Nordens or Champagne of the North when his armies occupied Berlin. Mildly tart made with organic black cherries with an effervescent finish.

ABV: 3.9% | IBU: 6.0

Blackstrap English Porter
The key ingredient to this moderate strength brown beer is the addition of blackstrap molasses, contributing to its roasty character and bitterness. This Porter goes down smooth and easy.

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 31.0 | SRM: 26.3

Hop Frog #10 American IPA
A collaboration with local home brewer, Bob Sterner, this IPA is bright, fruity and smooth with subdued bitterness. Citra and Amarillo hops lead the way to a refreshing finish.

ABV: 7.6% | IBU: 66.1 | SRM: 8.7

Rum PA Pumpkin
Rum PA Pumpkin is a tribute to the brave drummer boys of the Civil War. Their “rum PA pum” drum beats would signal commands in the heat of battle. While enjoying this limited seasonal fall offering, we hope you'll raise your glass in honor of these brave lads who played a vital role in service of their country. Oak, seasonal spices and a hint of rum will have your taste buds drumming to a beat of their own!

ABV: 8.2% | IBU: 21.3 | SRM: 12.2

Slow & Easy Belgian Wheat Ale
In the late 1800’s rafts containing up to 11,000 cubic feet of lumber floated down the Susquehanna River en route to sawmills in Marietta. Almost every rock and projection along the way had a name familiar to the raftsmen. Slow and Easy was one of them. After a long day, remember to take it “slow and easy” Coriander, sweet orange peel and Saaz hops create this crusher.

ABV: 5.6% | IBU: 14.8 | SRM: 10.6

Spinning Wheel IPA
Spinning Wheel IPA is another addition to our Susquehanna Series of beers. Like our Slow & Easy Belgian Wheat, Spinning Wheel is a tribute to the logging raft days gone by. “Be careful! Look out!” was the cry of the raftsmen. If you got caught in the spinning wheel, it could be quite an experience. Come “get caught” in the experience of our Spinning Wheel IPA and we hope you’ll be crying out for “more please!”

ABV: 6.3% | IBU: 64.4 | SRM: 7.0

Hidden Treasure Belgian Golden Strong
In 1778 James Rankin allegedly buried a hoard of gold and silver in Springettsbury Township before being arrested and jailed in Yorktown as a “traitor.” He escaped from jail, fled to England and his stash was never found ....until now. You may find that the treasure’s been found in the hand of the “beer-holder.” East Kent Golding hops and fruity esters from the Belgian golden yeast produce a clean bright flavor.

ABV: 8.1% | IBU: 22.4 | SRM: 6.1

The "Remedy" Russian Imperial Stout
In the days before modern healthcare, many people would rely on “remedies” for their health. These concoctions would sometimes have a strong effect on one’s wellbeing. We feel that our Remedy Russian Imperial Stout will do the same and is the cure for what “ales” you. These statements have not been approved by the FDA, but our Head Brew approves. You will, too. Nostrovia!

ABV: 9.8% | IBU: 57.0 | SRM: 38.3

30 Wagons Pale Ale
On July 1, 1862, the York Fairgrounds became an army hospital for treating the wounded during the Civil War. The name of this brew is inspired by the 30 wagons sent by York citizens to the Gettysburg battlefield filled with nurses, volunteers, food and supplies. More than 14,000 soldiers were treated by physicians at the York hospital of which only 200 were lost. Cheers to the York physicians and citizens for their contributions to saving lives!

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 38.0


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