Get to know the passionate owner who brought Stony Run Brew House to life.

Owners Bob Elmiger (left) and Tim March (right)

Tim’s friend and former business partner Bob Elmiger (left) and owner/brewer Tim (right)

About The Owner

Tim March is the man behind Stony Run Brew House, bringing a wealth of business and brewing experience. Tim, along with his family and staff, have spent countless hours behind the scenes carefully working on every detail toward the goal of making Stony Run Brew House a place that not only provides quality handcrafted beer, but exceptional food, service and atmosphere.

You may notice the church-like feel reflected in the décor. This inspired by the Trappist breweries. Not only did the Trappist monks make a quality beer product, but they also wanted to give people a safe, clean place to come for rest and refreshment. This is at the heart of our mission and vision for Stony Run Brew House. We truly hope that everyone who walks through our doors will have the best possible experience!

Tim March


(Written lovingly by his son)

Passion. That is the best word I can use to describe my father’s love for brewing. From the moment he received his first Mr. Beer kit 10 years ago, to watching his garage brewery evolve and now opening Stony Run, his passion and commitment to making the best beer possible has never waivered. You can feel the investment when you talk to him. You can truly tell this is what he was meant to do. And most importantly, you can taste it.

His passion extends beyond just craft beer. While he isn’t brewing or concocting new brews (which isn’t very often) he enjoys golfing and spending time with his 4 grandsons Jace, Jackson, Jordan and Alex. He is an amazing role model for them and for me.

I hope everyone that walks into Stony Run can experience the same excitement and passion that go into the beer. It truly is a work of love from a great person and even better father.

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